VB.Net Developer

Seeking an experienced VB.Net developer to assist in the conversion of a VB6 application to VB.Net using Visual Studio 2017.

The application to be converted has over 150 forms with over 30 classes defining the database. It will be converted into a .net application using MVC architecture written in VB.net using Visual Studio 2017. It also has a Grape City Spread component that will be upgraded to the latest version of Spread as well as an Active Reports component that will also be upgraded to the latest version.

Preferred applicants will have:
• Strong programming skills with 2 or more years' experience in VB.Net.
• Able to work as part of a team in development project.
• Ability to work from our office in Arlington, Texas.
• Ability to take direction and move the project along with little supervision.
• Knowledge of Grape City Spread and/or Active Reports a plus.
• Knowledge of Rocket U2 Universe database a plus.

Skills and expertise
VB.NET a must
VB6 conversion to .Net a plus
Grape City Spread and Active Reports a plus
Rocket U2 Universe database a plus

Applicants for this opportunity must have an unrestricted right to work in the United States.
[Persons in H-l, L-l, and OPT EAD status do not have unrestricted right to work.]
For immediate response please forward resumes to [email protected]

Eric Lyublinsky

Sr. IT Recruiter

(Office) 800-360-1407

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